In the first days of December 2012 Steve Bisson, editor and founder of Urbanautica, the online photography journal, and Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerchehave put together the Italian photographers Luca Capuano, Laura De Marco, Giuseppe De Mattia, Cristian Guizzo, Milo Montelli, Corrado Piccoli, David Wilson, the English photographer Mitch Karaturatne, the Canadian David Pollock, the Belgian Kirsten Trippaersand the Spanish researcher Ruben Alonsoin a workshop at Casa Luisa & Gaetano Cozziof Zero Branco (Treviso) to investigate the neighboring rural landscape. This intense one-week project is narrated for the first time through images and video in the exhibition Zero Fotografia, designed by Massimiliano Foytikand held in the Bomben spaces.