Acoustic & wellbeing technologies is the philosophy behind Caimi's Snowsound Technologies

The Snowsound Technologies of Caimi translate into a plurality of sound-absorbing panels, custom-made curtains, up to real integrated furnishing systems.

Intelligent and creative solutions where design, function and comfort go hand in hand, following Caimi's historic vocation in continuing to improve the quality of life of people.

In fact, the Snowsound acoustic curtains include several patents and awards worldwide, such as the International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award, the most renowned award for technology in the field of electronics and audio/video .

The analysis that led to the creation of Snowsound Fiber placed emphasis not only on the technical and technological aspects, but also on the aesthetic ones, both visual and tactile: each material is characterized by an identity very precise materialized in a texture, such as to transmit different sensations to the user.

Soft acoustic fibres made entirely of 100% recyclable polyester, intrinsically fireproof and interconnected with each other, they represent the soul of the patented Snowsound Fiber technology.

The interaction between the fibers and the air allows you to control the reverberation by minutely regulating the acoustic response of the environment, based on: the installation methods, the surface, the distance between the fibers and the wall and consequently improving the quality of life and work.

All translated into a vast range of acoustic curtains, offered in a remarkable chromatic palette and made using the numerous varieties of the Snowsound Fiber fabric collection: from plain colors to millestripes, from the tweed effect to the velvet feel and soft bouclé.

Not only that, Caimi offers the possibility of having tailor-made acoustic curtains, designed and calibrated to the real needs of acoustic well-being, to be achieved in a specific environment.

In the images and on the cover, some creations with Snowsound acoustic curtains by Caimi, made entirely of 100% recyclable polyester, allowing to reduce the consumption of materials and energy. Attention to the environment has been certified by Greenguard Gold which validates their low emission characteristics and their attention to ecology.