With its steel tap measuring just 28mm, the collection was born from the engineering and creative talent of Giampiero Castagnoli and Marco Pisati

A discreet yet sophisticated appearance characterizes the 28mm collection by Rubinetterie Treemme: entirely made of steel, it is characterized by a sophisticated appearance born from the engineering and creative talent of Giampiero Castagnoli and Marco Pisati.

Its minimal appearance makes this collection suitable for inclusion in both modern and classic environments.

The tap is made up of a steel cylinder of only 28 millimetres, a characteristic from which it takes its name: this cutting-edge result in the tap sector was possible thanks to the use of a cartridge designed and created specially.

The tap mouth maintains the same essential silhouette of the body thanks to a small new generation aerator, also produced on request for the company. Finally, the distinctive touch is given by a precious detail: a texture with a vertical line to personalize the control of the mixer.

Among the cutting-edge proposals of the brand, W-70s, designed by Studio Kinowa: a new collection ofthermostats and shower controls of new generation, able to perfectly match all shower head models by Rubinetterie Treemme.

The water is turned on and regulated via the knobs, while the temperature can be monitored from the display so as to set it according to personal needs. Entirely made of brass, the collection is available in ten finishes, from the most classic ones to the colorful ones such as gold and black in various declensions.

Cover photo: the essential and delicate design distinguishes the 28mm taps line, created by Giampiero Castagnoli and Marco Pisati, produced entirely in stainless steel.