antoniolupi's furnishings revolutionize the bathroom environment by breaking away from the classic schemes: here are some examples

Sculptural presences capable of making the bathroom special: these are the antoniolupi products designed for an aesthetic capable of revolutionizing the space by breaking the classic schemes.

An example of this is the freestanding Flow washbasin, designed by Paolo Ulian, whose concept comes from the observation of a manufacturing feature of the toilet bowl - numerically controlled jet: this device tends to spontaneously create relief irregular curvilinear waves on the surface of the marble which can ideally recall the frayed effect of a fabric pleat.

Usually this peculiarity is considered by operators as a defect to be avoided, but if we reverse the perspective from which it is observed, it can translate into a virtuous characteristic and transform itself into a new aesthetics quality.

Each washbasin is characterized by its own special aesthetic that makes it a unique piece, absolutely unrepeatable. Another proposal is represented by the Street washbasin designed by AL Studio: a modular system with integrated top in marble or Corian, characterized by a clean and essential.

Its modularity can be declined in numerous dimensions and configurations: from the version with cabinet to the one with the washbasin only.

The tub Cuba, designed by Mario Ferrarini, is also the protagonist of the salle de bain, compact, essential, but at the same enveloping time which, despite its small size, guarantees perfect ergonomics.

Finally, the bathtub Fida, design Marco Di Paolo, inspired by nature: the soft line is inspired by the organic shapes of the woods of the rivers, which give a feeling of fluidity and welcome.

On the cover: the Cuba bathtub with essential design, with small dimensions of cm L 125 x D 75 x H 70: perfect for small environments both in the freestanding version and in those with corner, niche or built-in.