Tessuto is a radiator that is always born different thanks to the serial repetition of a matrix

A decorative element inspired by the beauty of classical art but shaped by more rigorous lines that make it contemporary: it's called Fabric, and it's the new furniture radiator designed by Marco Pisati for Cordivari Design.

The underlying concept was born from the intention of obtaining, through an industrial process, serial copies of the product, each one slightly different from the original, in order to always have unique pieces.

This idea started from a reflection on some works by the artist Andy Warhol, where serial repetitions of the matrix image deliberately present small defects that make them not mere photocopies but different and therefore unique copies.

In the case of Tessuto, the solution is linked to the design of the element which, assembled repeatedly, forms the heated towel rail.

The design is deliberately asymmetrical, made of grooves and flat parts: the element thus designed, rotated by 180°, presents a different design as it is mirrored. During the assembly, the components, rotated and not, are deliberately assembled randomly, determining infinite rhythms and designs.

Each product is thus unique, defined each time by a different surface inspired by the warp of the fabrics it recalls on its surface.

To complete, a series of minimalist accessories; shelves and hanging bars that merge with the product itself, characterized by extreme lightness linked to the use of very small sections.

An elegant product and at the same time functional, able to give personality to your bathroom.

Cover photo: fabric is a decorative radiator by Cordivari Design in extruded aluminum with juxtaposed elements that create a continuous plate, with excellent thermal performance