Even more customization in the Acquabella world, which today introduces new high-precision grids to make the shower tray unique

Designed for the more minimal Base and Arq models, the drainage grates feature three new designs for improved water flow management. All made in Akron® to give material continuity to the shower tray, the Geo, Lux and Mia drains represent a small detail that makes the difference. The first proposal, Geo, is a grid made up of holes of various sizes that recall stone fragments arranged in a circular way, as if to evoke an ancestral Neolithic circle.

On the other hand, the Lux model has a Moorish evocation, drawing a vibrant pattern on the surface for an exotic effect. Finally, drops of water inspire the Mia model, also available in the stainless steel version to create an interesting contrast with Akron®, which gives shape to the rest of the shower tray.

Now bigger, now smaller, the "drops" create a deliberately irregular texture and a natural result. The customization possibilities don't end there.

Indeed, Acquabella offers a new range of colors that add to the already existing Standard and Naturally Made color lines, characterized by neutral shades.

With the new Season collection, Acquabella introduces shades with purple nuances such as Burgundy and Petal, shades of blue such as the intense Ocean and the softer Sky, and points of green Forest and Mint.

Oriented more and more towards customizable and made-to-measure solutions, Acquabella creates bathroom furnishings of the highest quality in full respect of environmental sustainability.

The green approach of the brand is demonstrated by the creation of products with a long life cycle, free of silica and VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and marked A+.

The production takes place through a highly efficient process without the use of water and with low energy consumption, while the packaging is arranged with recycled materials and FSC certified wood.

On the cover: Base shower tray with Mia di Acquabella “drop” grate.