The iconic collection returns in a renewed guise, the result of the evolution of materials and technological research

A new approach to bathroom design with a new stylistic language: this was represented by the IlBagnoAlessi collection by Laufen since its debut. An iconic line that returns today in a renewed guise resulting from the evolution of materials and continuous technological research.

The starting point of the new collection is in fact the Saphirkeramik: a unique material, developed by Laufen, extremely robust and malleable but also very thin, which allows the creation of daring shapes unthinkable until now. 20 years ago.

Starting from this material, Stefano Giovannoni designed basins with rounded shapes of different sizes (450x380x170 cm and 700x380x170 cm) and reinterpreted the iconic washbasin Tuna, whose elongated and organic shape is emphasized thanks to the new slim profile.

The new version is also available with a black or coffee exterior in a matte version and a satin white interior. Central element of the collection, the toilet, with its innovative shape characterized by the rounded lid which completes the design of the ceramic body, generating an object unitary and completely different from the traditional one.

Three new matt finishes, in the white, black and coffee variants, created for all ceramics, including toilets and bidets, capable of giving contemporaneity to the collection.

Among the new elements also the freestanding bathtub, inspired in its shapes by washbasins, in Sentec: a mineral composite that offers a velvety surface, pleasant to the touch and which maintains the heat of the water for a long time. Its thin edge increases its thickness to offer a comfortable headrest and a shelf for objects.

IlBagnoAlessi also includes a series of new furniture outlined by square and geometric shapes with drawers, with edges inclined at 45 degrees. Over forty lacquers, veneers and special nuances such as copper, titanium and gold.

The characterizing element of the line is Frame: a burnished aluminum frame with a LED lighting system and in which it is possible to integrate the mirror.

Cover photo: IlBagnoAlessi with wall-hung toilet, basin in white Saphirkeramik with Ada mixer on Pearlbeige lacquered vanity unit and bathtub in satin white Sentec and Ada column mixer.