The very high performance and charm of natural stone applied in residential and hospitality spaces

The charm of natural stone combined with the high performance of porcelain stoneware: all of this is contained in the Marazzi collections which restore all the elegance and beauty of the nuances of slates, travertines, quartzites and other types of sedimentary rocks perfectly recalled in the three-dimensional stone textures of its proposals.

Porcelain stoneware

Coverings that allow different compositional possibilities in total respect for the environment: not only because porcelain stoneware limits the impoverishment of stone quarries, but also because the high technology of the production processes by Marazzi contains water and energy consumption and recovers up to 40% of waste materials.

Mystone Ceppo di Gré by Marazzi

For historical contexts and environments with an important decorative apparatus, the Mystone porcelain stoneware collections offer a wide variety of stone effects, formats and thicknesses for indoor and outdoor uses. Among these Mystone Ceppo di Gré, a stoneware that faithfully reproduces the elegance of Italian rock with large pebbles included, interpreted in 4 natural colours.

Multiple dimensions and surfaces for a collection made with the exclusive Premium StepWise technology which guarantees a surface with a high anti-slip coefficient and free of roughness.

Mystone thus returns heat to the space, maintaining the elegance of natural stone, while managing to guarantee the maximum performance linked to porcelain stoneware thanks also to the exclusive High Performance technology, extraordinarily high-performance from a technical point of view and which responds to the strictest international regulatory standards and the most restrictive performance specifications.

The Masseria Borgo Ritella in Puglia

How to recreate the charm of a territory, through local colors and stones, while still guaranteeing high performance for the covering materials? An example of this is the Masseria Borgo Ritella, in Puglia, designed by the interior designer Pino Brescia, a luxurious a place of hospitality with a Mediterranean charm but at the same time contemporary and design, designed for a completely relaxing stay in privacy.

The Carácter collection by Marazzi

Here the colors and materials reflect those of the territory and the local stone was replaced by the designer with the innovative and high-performance Carácter Mix Beige 60x120 cm collection, created with two Premium technologies: Puro Marazzi Antibacterial, which eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria, and StepWise, which makes the surfaces non-slip but soft to the touch.

Carácter is the protagonist of the floors in the rooms, the coverings in the bathrooms and also on the walls and kitchen worktops of the Deluxe rooms.

The environment created is enveloping and full of charm, guaranteeing absolute hygiene: Puro Marazzi Antibacterial is in fact the new antibacterial technology for ceramic surfaces, created to < strong>eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, quickly and effectively counteracting their proliferation and preventing the formation of stains and unpleasant odors.

The antibacterial action, tested according to the most severe international standards, is guaranteed by an advanced and exclusive silver ion treatment, incorporated into the ceramic material during the production process, which ensures active and permanent protection on surfaces in any light condition, including the absence of UV rays.

Cover photo: a bathroom embellished with the Mystone Ceppo di Gré collection by Marazzi, a stoneware that faithfully reproduces the elegance of Ceppo di Gré, an Italian rock with large pebbles included, interpreted in 4 natural colours.