The new Modo Project system by Altamarea was created to freely furnish the bathroom

Dynamic and lively: this is the new Modo Project system by Altamarea created to freely furnish the bathroom.

Able to combine creativity, technique and functionality, it allows you to create highly customized environments thanks to the wide modularity, the infinite color combinations and the ad hoc designed accessories and complements that meet any need.

One of the pluses is certainly represented by the materials and finishes applicable in the same model: infinite combinations, whether they are lacquered, melamine or laminate, but also wood essences such as Traccia Oak with vertical slats, as in the photo above on the right; vertical grooves with timeless elegance.

Rigorous lines, interrupted by open compartments, therefore coexist in the individual elements that make up the collection: from the soft ovals of the countertop washbasins to the geometries of the integrated tubs, from the suspended base units – also available with a two-tone finish – from the Monoliths, from the sanitary fixtures that can be painted in different colors to the mirrors, in different types, up to the sinuous bathtub that can be seen in the photo above and which gives personality to the bathroom.

A modularity, that of the Modo Project system, whose stylistic hallmark is dictated by the six opening systems designed for the containing modules.

The inclined aluminum profile Alu Top, of the photos on this page stands out, which gives the room a minimalist, solid and iconic design: it is a detail that is at the same time structural element, and supports the top in Mineral Sand, joined at 45 degrees with the side that reaches the ground.

Clean lines also in the lateral open compartment, the most functional element of this concept: suitable for housing objects, as well as washcloths or towels, with the peculiarity of keeping everything hidden from the front view, where they dominate the rigor and refinement of the Monolith.

On the cover: The sturdy Monolith with integrated circular basin characterizes this elegant composition by Modo Project with the lateral side at 45 degrees resting on the ground.