A collection inspired by ancient Japanese art, characterized by a juxtaposition of full and empty volumes

Reinterpreting the bathroom with delicate shapes inspired by Origami, the ancient Japanese art of folding paper to obtain a two-dimensional or three-dimensional paper sculpture.

Thus was born the Origami collection, designed by the Bernhardt&Vella studio for Ex.t, which develops with contemporary shapes and suggestions. The protagonist is the washbasin, made in LivingTec, which is characterized by its clean and marked lines inspired by the rigor of Japanese aesthetics.

It comes in two versions, one square and one rectangular, column, single and double suspended.

The collection, with a sculptural character, is further defined by the pedestal washbasin, which can be positioned both against the wall and in the center of the room.

Among the characteristics that most distinguish it, also the cabinet configuration, single or double, which combines rigid shapes with glossy finishes and the closed doors and open compartments define its aesthetics in a juxtaposition of full and empty volumes.

The fil rouge of the collection, i.e. the 'fold', is also underlined by the shape of the handles metal, brushed brass or brushed nickel: a graphic sign that is strong and light at the same time that characterizes the doors.

The collection is then completed by backlit mirrors and brushed metal accessories which contrast with the glossy lacquering of the furniture.

The composition with double washbasin is then created with softer colors, such as clay grey, also available for the washbasins. A perfect line for those looking for a style that manages to combine essentiality with a touch of poetry.

Cover photo: Origami in single configuration, combining rigid shapes with glossy finishes (styling by SansNom Studio).