The Vitrium collection by Christian Werner for Duravit, with sinks in DuroCast UltraResist

A series of bathroom furniture that includes innovative washbasins in DuroCast UltraResist, also ideal for small rooms.

It's called Vitrium, designed by Christian Werner for Duravit, and is composed of washbasins combined with base units with consoles and vanity units that meet interesting materials, both from an aesthetic and a tactile point of view.

The washbasins are in fact made of a mineral composite called DuroCast UltraResist: an elegant material, with a matt surface, which, thanks to an additional layer of lacquer, is easy to clean and it is relatively insensitive to scratches and dirt.

There are two different types of washbasin available: a round basin countertop and a perfectly integrated rectangular c-bonded console washbasin, with a very thin outer edge.

The base units with console are equipped with a refined metal frame and fronts in choice of backlit Parsol glass or in bilaminate, available in eight different finishes. The result is a whole with a natural look that conveys comfort, accentuated by soft colors and tactile surfaces.

The furniture, made of PEFC* certified wood, is outlined by metal frames in White or Anthracite and is completed by rectangular and round mirrors, in the same minimalist language, as well as a mirror cabinet, also available in the recessed version, all with integrated LED lighting. Cover photo: the Vitrium collection by Christian Werner for Duravit, with DuroCast UltraResist washbasins