Extremely modular models combined with a timeless design. For functional and personalized environments

Alta Cucine is an Italian company based in Friuli, which produces customized designer kitchens for the Italian and international retail market and kitchen, living, bathroom and sleeping areas for the contract sector. It stands out for the fluid and essential style of its creations and for the certified quality of the finishes and technologies used.

Alta Cucine looks to the universal concepts of harmony and functionality to create unique kitchens, a place of conviviality and well-being for those who live there.

Its kitchens are in fact based on an extremely flexible modular system with the possibility of choosing between countless finishes that can be combined with each other. This is how desires and creativity shape space, without placing limits on customization.

The great variety of proposals is completed with the best appliances and functional accessories, designed to make life and work easier in this space of the house. International architecture studios find the answer to their design needs in the modular concept and high quality standards of the brand.

This is why Alta is the choice of those who, even in the private sector, want a kitchen made on the basis of their own desires and style. Because just as every person is unique, so is their cuisine.

In the panorama of the contract sector, the Alta Cucine company stands out as a partner of excellence, offering a vast range of furnishing solutions for the kitchen, living room, bathroom and sleeping area.

The mission is to transform the spaces of the house into authentic functional design systems, creating fluid, open and minimal environments that integrate perfectly with the surrounding space. One of the distinctive traits that makes the brand a reference name in the sector is the ability for total customization: the customer is at the center of the creative process and each project becomes a unique, tailor-made work.

The company transforms ideas into reality, adding that touch of personality that makes every space inimitable. Each production phase is subjected to rigorous detail control, ensuring that each piece is made with the utmost precision and attention. The careful choice of materials and manufacturing processes are two other strong points of the Friulian company, which is committed to selecting only the best of Made in Italy.

Each component is made with top quality materials and production follows a certified protocol that guarantees clarity and traceability along the entire process. With international experience, Alta Cucine aims to offer a tailor-made service capable of satisfying every design need. In short, customizable furnishing solutions and made with the best Italian materials and manufacturing processes. For high quality custom made interiors.

Cover photo: an open space project where the kitchen, open onto the living room, becomes the heart of the house. The ocean grey, aluminum and canaletto walnut shades give personality and, taken up in the furnishings, create continuity with the living room.