At the Emerald Resort in Zanzibar a mix of cultures and styles inspire the different material surfaces in porcelain stoneware by Atlas Concorde

Atlas Concorde porcelain stoneware is the protagonist of the indoor and outdoor design of the new Emerald Zanzibar Resort & Spa, 5L star deluxe, part of the Leading Hotels of the World.

Designed by Delogu Architecture, the new luxury resort with its variety of environments and the250 suite, largely with sea view, offers the ideal stage for the multiple material effects of the complete system of Atlas Concorde products, capable to accompany each guest in a unique sensorial experience and at the same time offer the designer the technical advantages of an extremely high-performance, resistant and easy-to-maintain material.

The paths and large outdoor spaces shine thanks to the special treatment of the natural stone of the Block collection; for the areas surrounding the swimming pools, the choice instead fell on the Klifand Marvel Stone collections, also used in some areas of the interior, which they guarantee anti-slip and resistance properties, together with the beauty of the respective interpretations of the stone.

They cover various areas of the resort, such as Le Asiatique restaurant, with wood-effect surfaces from the Etic and Etic Pro collections, playing with the dark colors of the rosewood with a matt finish up to the brightness of the varnished oak.

For the flooring of the main Aqua restaurant, the Boost collection was selected, which elegantly explores the gray color scale, and VentiBoost, which interprets the tradition of cement tiles.

From the Marvel world, which investigates the aesthetics of marble, there are the Marvel, Marvel Dream and Marvel collections < strong>Stone.

The selected mix of collections demonstrates the ability of the Atlas Concorde range to satisfy the most varied design and stylistic needs, generating a harmonious composition where aesthetics coexist with high-level quality and advanced technology.

Cover photo: at the new Emerald Zanzibar Resort & Spa the elegance of the floor created with the Trust stone effect collection by Atlas Concorde in the Goldversion