Interior doors and glass partitions create elegant geometries for modern and connected environments
The elegance and materiality of wood match perfectly with the transparency of the glass elements in the Noi interior doors collection by Garofoli. A line designed to merge two potentially contrasting concepts: solidity and lightness. The solid wood doors are flanked by, reproducing their geometries, openings made up of thin aluminum profiles, among which transparent, satin or wooden surfaces play. A collection that allows you to divide different rooms of the house without clearly separating them, thanks to the sliding elements in which it is possible to combine wooden panels with glass ones or different types of glass doors: from transparent ones to reflective madras.

Thirty are the models available with 15 finishes oak, also in the lacquered version.

The geometric motifs are the distinctive character of the Noi collection and are shown both in the windows and in the solid wood doors and in the lacquered finishes. A new element, with a strong design value, which allows you to differentiate the project and have a versatile solution for every need.

Unlike other existing windows, divided internally by vertical or horizontal slats, in this collection we also find the possibility of breaking down these same spaces into wood and glass, giving the opportunity to create an always unique and harmonious trend.

Among the pluses of the collection, also the option of veneering the aluminum profiles with wood, so as to be able to coordinate these new models with any other existing product in the range Garofoli.

On the cover and in the images, some variations of the possibilities offered by the Noi di Garofoli collection. Linear but particular, functional but creative: these doors are inspired by the art of Piet Mondrian, rethinking their geometries but choosing more delicate and neutral colours.

As if they were a musical score, the geometric "modules" that make up the swing doors and sliding doors allow the rooms to be given a refined visual rhythm, a play of shapes that makes the space resonate elegantly.

A rhythm that is found both in the models in glass and solid wood, and in those in wood or lacquer.