A document that recounts the path towards sustainability applied both in products and in production processes. With a strong focus also on social sustainability

Bring to mind the stretch of road you travelled, where you started from, what you experienced, suggesting new possible destinations. From these premises the idea of the Sustainability Passport was born, which Gruppo Mastrotto, a leading company in the tanning sector, has decided to present and tell the story of its Sustainability Journey: a journey that has led the company to reach the important goals over time.

Such as the percentage of electricity supply from certified renewable sources equal to 100% and the achievement of Carbon Neutrality Scope 1 and 2 of over 40 collections and 1,500 colors available in Gruppo Mastrotto Express – the largest logistics hub in the world for leather ready for delivery.

Two, in particular, the Carbon Neutral lines: Organic Leather and Primalinea 99.9.

The first contains leather, biodegradable according to UNI EN 15987, and is made thanks to an accurate metal-free organic tanning process. It is characterized by a full and compact structure with a silky feel and comes in a range of 12 colours, all inspired by nature.

The second, Primalinea 99.9, developed thanks to a new technology from the Gruppo Mastrotto's Research and Development Department, is characterized by an Antibacterial and Antiviral treatment which guarantees high safety standards, applicable to all leather produced by the Gruppo Mastrotto.

The environmental product certifications are also important, such as the new Oeko-Tex, recently obtained, which guarantees the purchase of products that are safe for the health of people and the environment.

The Sustainability Passport therefore represents the formalization of a concrete commitment that the Group has undertaken towards its stakeholders, to make its products and processes increasingly sustainable, not only on an environmental level but also on an economic and social.