Wooden coverings give warmth to rooms, embellishing them. If they manage to combine new characteristics, such as sound absorption, they become essential

The acoustic quality is a fundamental element in the design of environments and depends above all on their geometry, the type of materials present inside them and their arrangement with respect to the sound sources, the reverberation of the sounds and the total level of background noise.

Top Comfort by Itlas with Patt: a wooden sound-absorbing system

To allow the reverberation time to be lowered and contained within optimal values, Itlas in collaboration with Patt proposes TopComfort: the sound-absorbing system in milled and perforated wood that guarantees impression of an acoustically dry and well-defined environment, an essential condition for obtaining an ideal level of communication as well as high comfort.

Coordinated with Itlas parquet floors, this system not only optimizes the acoustics of the house but is able to stage a total look.

The three-dimensional wooden boiserie Le Righe Fineline by Itlas

Suitable for all rooms in the house, here comes the three-dimensional wooden boiserie from the Le Righe Fineline line by Itlas. Characterized by a process that becomes decoration, it is a circular economy project that aims to reduce waste, indeed ennobles it to create unique surfaces of great elegance, embellishing every environment.

Simple in pose

Top Comfort is in fact available in the essences and finishes of the Tavole del Piave and Assi del Cansiglio planks. The system, totally Made in Italy, is finished with natural pigments and water-based paints, for a sustainable and healthy approach to the interior of the home. Extremely simple to install, it hooks onto ceilings and floors using a rack.

A project that reuses production waste

The Le Righe Fineline boiserie is part of the Ecos project, with which Itlas best reuses production residues: it is a covering that can be laid both vertically and horizontally and can be used to furnish walls but also to cover surfaces, generating particular optical effects.

A wooden wallpaper

The Fineline Stripes become a sort of wooden wallpaper made from small scraps which, joined together, give life to a texture that interacts with the light and makes each surface unique , creating spectacular light/dark effects. All with full respect for the environment. Fineline by Itlas dresses surfaces like a second skin: the ultra-slim sheet with a ribbed pattern is a couture 'Parato' in oak or walnut that embellishes the space with its neo-retro grooves. And it makes installation simple and immediate. A collection suitable for covering every room in the house, making it unique and becoming a precious common thread that unites them.

Cover photo: the Top Comfort sound-absorbing system by Itlas with Patt is perfect in hotel rooms