Innovative technologies combined with site-specific artisan knowledge of the highest level for excellent taps

Products with an elegant design and attention to detail that combine refined aesthetics and functionality: these are the characteristics of the taps produced by Ceadesign.

The company's proposal concerns exclusively stainless steel, AISI 316L, worked with eco-compatible processes that keep its exceptional properties unaltered, guaranteeing freedom of interpretation without giving up the well-known characteristics of hardness, anti-bacterialand hygienic of the material.

The polished or satin brushing, the exclusive special finishes ecocompatible (Black Diamond, Bronze, Copper and Light Gold) and custom screen prints complete the range of possibilities the company offers.

For this reason Ceadesign was chosen as a partner of prestigious projects including the Hotel Lutetia in Paris, where Ceadesign made its know-how available to create a project of bespoke taps with classical notes, wanted and designed by Jean-Michel Wilmotte.

Thus was born Lutezia, the faucet collection that bears the name of ancient Paris: a contemporary interpretation of the traditional hydraulic valve from the early twentieth century.

Or again, in the redevelopment project of the Hotel La Réserve in Knokke (Belgium), curated by Glenn Sestig, where the Sixty collection: the new line of taps and bathroom accessories entirely made of steel, presented in the exclusive “Black Ivory” satin finish, a color that recalls one of the most prized by the homonymous coffee.

An exercise in style, therefore, which testifies to Ceadesign's ability to guarantee the personalization of environments, based on the project target, while always maintaining very high performance.

On the cover: a salle de bain inside the Hotel Lutetia. The bespoke taps, specially designed by the designer, Jean-Michel Wilmotte, are characterized by classical lines that recall the historical past of the building. Ph. Amit Geron