A stainless steel towel warmer module created starting from a work of radical formal simplification. To fit discreetly into environments

The I Ching towel warmer module designed by Elisa Ossino for Tubes. Outlined by a minimal design and made of 304 stainless steel, I Ching is characterized by its 24 volt low voltage operation, with transformer kit included, which allows it to be placed in total safety even in humid areas such as in a walk-in shower, over a tub or in a spa environment.

The dimensions and thicknesses have been reduced to the maximum, thus transforming the I Ching heating object into a sort of artwork, a strong sign on the wall that characterizes the space making you forget the functional aspect for which it is intended .

Each module conveys elegance and purity thanks to the absence of any type of visible joint. Conceived to be installed in multiples, choosing between the horizontal and vertical orientation of the modules, I Ching can generate multiple compositional solutions: one or more parallel or sequential lines are inserted into the wall, giving life to several graphic and formal compositions that refer to the hexagrams of the book I Ching.

From afar the elements appear like cuts on the surface, which redesign the space through very simple serial combinations and of great purity, creating a distinctive rhythm and harmony. Light, minimal, essential,I Ching thus becomes an element characterizing the space, like a painting. It exists in12 metallic, glossy and matt, satin or brushed finishes, and it is also possible to opt for a colored paint, with a choice from the 140 RAL shades present in the Tubes palette.

An infinite possibility of alternatives that allow I Ching to embrace a more industrial, more refined or more decorative style, facilitating the creation of color combinations in dialogue with the environment or the combination with other bathroom components, such as taps.

At the opening and above I Ching by Tubes. It exists in four sizes: length 53, 63, 78 or 135 cm, with a width of 4 cm and a very thin section.

In the 53 and 63 cm versions, the positioning of the towel also becomes comfortable and can be done by inserting it to the side: an ideal solution in the hotel sector. An On/Off switch accessory, also designed by Elisa Ossino, offers the possibility of turning it on and off manually.

Furthermore, the towel warmer can be integrated into the electrical system through any control device, including home automation. As an alternative, it is possible to connect the product to a digital wireless thermostat, compliant with the ECOdesign regulation, to regulate the temperature and program weekly operation (images Elisa Ossino Study).