Innovative coverings with an ancient flavour: the beauty of artisanal ceramics is recreated in the Lume porcelain stoneware collection

Rediscover the beauty of authentic ceramic, expressed in collections with a hand-made flavour, the result of the encounter between artisanal knowledge and industrial technology.

This is how the new Crogiolo stoneware collections were born, which represent an identifying sign of the highest quality and high aesthetic research, synonymous with the constant research and technological innovation of Marazzi.

And which become, at the same time, a tribute to the sign of man, to that care and attention typical of artisanal work, capable of making spaces vibrate and of giving a sense of enveloping welcome, beyond above styles and time.

The Lume line by Marazzi

Among these, the Lume line which reinterprets in stoneware the beauty of handmade majolica bricks, dense with enamel, highly polished and imperfect, where each piece is unique. The new 6x24 cm format together with the very straight edges which allow for installation with almost no joints, make the project decidedly contemporary.

Lume, in the 6x24 cm format, is offered in 12 colours: Off White, Turquoise, Forest, China, Beige, Pink, White, Green, Blue, Black, Musk and Greige. It is also available in hexagonal tiles made in three colours: White, Green and Blue, in the 21x18.2 cm format. To compose contemporary interiors that do not want to give up the magic of handmade ceramics, but with the resistance and practicality of porcelain stoneware.

The renovation of the Lazzaro restaurant & Catherine in Gallipoli

In the historic center of Gallipoli, the architects Luca Piccinno and Mattia Pareschi with the interior decorator Alessandro M. Cesario, of the Milanese studio Atelier P, they took care of renovating the Lazzaro & Catherine. By building it a few steps from Purità beach, the designers wanted to recreate the colors and brilliance of the sea inside.

The renovation of the venue was born from the union of four apartments, with a predominantly longitudinal environment, which the architects made fluid and varied thanks to the extensive use of the Blue-coloured Crogiolo Lume tiles. strong>, applied to both walls and floors.

“In the flooring”, explains architect Pareschi of Atelier P, “we sought, yes, a uniform background, but from which slight chromatic variations could emerge despite using the same material. To give the idea of the nearby sea, we used the iridescent bricks Crogiolo Lume to cover the walls up to a certain height.

Shaded effects that make the furnishings stand out

In this way, the shaded effects are amplified and the furnishings emerge, such as sofas or other marble-effect surfaces".

The tiles also play with the installation: "We not only placed the format in continuity", specifies Pareschi, "but also in a herringbone pattern in the center of the floor, creating a sort of carpet and differentiating, despite uniformity, the various environments".

The surfaces refer to the colors of the neighboring landscape and the irregularity of the handcrafted natural materials.

As the designer explains: “The material effect of these new ceramic materials is extraordinary: the shading generates sensations equal to quarry materials, irregular and never the same. This differentiation allows you to move the surfaces by making the environment vibrate.

Cover photo: The tiles from the Crogiolo Lume collection by Marazzi made in the hexagonal format of 21x18.2 cm. They exist in three colors Blue, White and Green.