Safety and performance combine with design and customization: for armored doors that combine the attention of craftsmanship with the precision and quality of an industrial product

No longer just armored doors but real entrance architecture that blend aesthetics and safety. These are the characteristics of Oikos products.

Among the most requested, the Tekno armored door, a concentration of innovation and technology. Made with concealed hinges, it is characterized by high-end performance, such as high thermal insulation and EI 90 or EI120 fire resistance.

Tekno has the possibility of installation flush with the internal wall, flush with the external wall, flush with the wall with plasterboard, internal coplanar with frame.

And it is precisely this model, with 22 installations, that is the protagonist of the Mont Rouge luxury residential complex in Hong Kong, made up of 5 villas, 14 houses and 2 residential towers designed by the international studio DNL Architects. The objective of the project was to recreate a private, livable environment and as much as possible in connection with the nature that surrounds it.

The profile of the residence appears like a miniature city with buildings designed at different heights, characterized by geometric and rigorous lines that outline the formal cleanliness of the entire complex.

The entrances to the residential units maintain the same geometric layout, linear and square in shape, with well-measured and designed details. But it is the finish of the armored doors that stands out: a rust Laminam corten porcelain stoneware that marks the access points, creating important openings. A refined prelude that announces the entrance to large and prestigious living spaces.

On the cover: The Mont Rouge luxury residential complex in Hong Kong, designed by the international studio DNL Architects.