Techwall, the new system of modular and customizable bookcases, was born in the sign of maximum furnishing freedom

Sensitive to the evolution of living trends which today see increasingly fluid spaces with hybrid functions, Riflessi presents Techwall, the new system of modular, modular and customizable bookcases.

Perfect for both contract and residential use, this sophisticated proposal was born from the desire to create a transversal and versatile furnishing solution that transcends the traditional concept of bookcase.

The absence of fixed hooks on the uprights allows the free positioning of the elements and the choice of different compositions. This design feature also proves successful in the reconfiguration of environments according to maximum compositional and furnishing freedom.

Proposed with wall or ceiling fixing and can be positioned both on the wall and in the center of the room, the Techwall bookcases are becoming increasingly decorative and at the service of living, also thanks to a lively possibility of customization in finishes that range from the material feel of the wood (walnut or coke-stained oak) to precious metallic finishes.

The possibility of designing double-sided compositions, which divide spaces without closing them, also makes it perfect for hospitality environments whose functions of use and aesthetic needs are constantly evolving.

Modularity makes it possible to create tailor-made compositions, even large ones and modifiable at a later time in line with a custom approach.

The modular structure is developed on a delicate balance between compositional lightness and defined volumes, translated into uprights and shelves that alternate with drawers and container modules with flap door to always guarantee maximum functionality and practicality.

Cover photo: Riflessi's Techwall library