Customized projects that cross all the rooms of the house to define a total look even in contract creations

Products designed and created in a personalized way, taking into account the specific requests and the particularities of the environment in which they will be inserted: these are the strengths of Aran World which combines high quality with the ability to create custom solution seven for complex projects.

An example of this is the 33-storey skyscraper, Vandewater, in the heart of Morningside Heights in New York, which featured Aran Cucine and Aran World as protagonists in the interior.

Here, all the kitchen environments and bathroom accessories, inspired by the Aran Cucine and Bathroom Collection catalogues, have been designed and customised, to best integrate with the many solutions green adopted byInc Architecture & Design.

Tailoring and Made in Italy were the fundamental elements for the success of the project.

As well as for the creation of the interior spaces of another important location at 432 Park Avenue, also in New York. In this case, together with the studio Deborah Berke Partners, Aran World supplied the furnishings for 482 bathrooms and 78 laundry rooms, as well as 214 wardrobes for the sleeping area.
While Aran Cucine has created 142 LAB13 kitchens, in Lacquered White Pro finish, customizing them according to specific architectural needs. The consolidated experience in the contract world, demonstrated by prestigious commissions such as Vandewater and 432 Park Avenue, has led the company to include two new lines within its catalogue, < strong>Bathroom and Night Collection. To be able to propose a stylistic harmony that runs through all the rooms of the house: a total look signed by Aran World, in the name of design and quality.