A collection inspired by the iconic 1970s chairs with metal structure and nylon thread found in various Italian bars and restaurants. Reinterpreting it

Unlock a memory, bringing it back to life in a more modern and functional version. We are talking about the chairs that furnished the outdoors of Italian bars and restaurants during the legendary Seventies.

The designer Andrea Andretta wanted to recover the tradition, reinterpreting it in a contemporary key.

Thus was born the Coco collection by Unopiù, a homage to the Italian spirit, which is made up of five elements: a chair, a armchair with its footrest, a two-seater sofa and a small table. Their distinctive trait is represented by versatility, lightness and three-dimensionality.

The seats have a frame made up of a 20 mm thick metal tubular and a round-section polypropylene rope stretched and crossed around it: the balanced aesthetic balance between rope and structure creates an easy-to-use design. reading, fresh and elegant, capable of adapting to any environment, from the garden to urban contexts, such as pubs, cafes, restaurants and entertainment venues.

With Coco, Unopiù invites you to rediscover the pleasure of being outdoors and to share moments of sociality and relaxation through a line of products with a strong identity, which contains the tradition and innovation of Italian design.

And precisely for this reason, capable of immediately empathizing with their audience.