A hotel where you can breathe the atmosphere of the past combined with modern technologies. For total comfort

We are in Florence in a narrow medieval alley that opens onto Piazza della Signoria and runs alongside the Uffizi complex. In this quiet street stands the Hotel Relais Uffizi, an elegant hotel housed in a sixteenth-century building, with a modern concept, designed to warmly welcome and make guests feel at home.

In a structure like this, the hotel management system based on KNX Well-contact Plus standards by Vimar.

A high-performance automation system that allows you to optimize energy consumption and, at the same time, control the different environments >. The lighting of all areas of the hotel, for example, can be managed from a single point, the reception.

Here, through the user-friendly interfaces of the Well-contact Suite software, the staff can set the comfort of the rooms directly from the computer, check whether the lights are left on, whether there are 'is the right climate, if unauthorized access occurs or if alarms have been triggered.

Along the elegant corridors you can see the transponder readers positioned outside the rooms, to which you just need to bring the card close to open the electric lock and turn on the courtesy lights.

Complementary to these, inside, there are card readers which, when the guest enters, activate all the functions of the room.

Lightweight on the walls of the rooms, the touch thermostats allow personalized temperature regulation while sockets of various types and standards allow an international clientele to power portable devices.

All Vimar devices present in the structure are framed by plates from the Eikon series in the elegant lava gray aluminum finish in the rooms and dark bronze in the common areas.