The Milanese company's wallpapers are a totally customisable repertoire, perfect for any contract solution. And with a strong focus on the environment

For some time now, wallpapers have increasingly become a sophisticated tool at the service of interior design. No longer mere decoration, but a veritable portal wide open to imaginary worlds, capable of projecting visions and fantasies inspired by the most diverse and complex themes into the domestic landscape.

Expressive and emotional wallpapers

Protagonists of an increasing number of housing and contract projects, WallPepper®/Group wallpapers are a valuable tool for professionals in search of sustainable and certified decorative solutions. Expressive and emotional wallpapers that can be adapted to walls of any format and size and that tell of their matrix close to art. In fact, the company was founded in 1981 as a workshop specialising in high-quality photographic printing. Its founder, Diego Locatelli, immediately imprinted the DNA of Fine-Art printing of the highest quality on the offer for interior designers.

Broad creative scope

Over time, WallPepper®/Group's design abacus has grown to allow wallpapers to take a significant leap into the fully functional dimension: ensuring acoustic well-being, water repellency, and the cladding of external walls. They are also the practical solution for solving space distribution problems without knocking down or building walls, but creating new visual perspectives of aesthetic impact and very high quality. "Creative space is limitless, each project can be customised to shape truly unique environments or to give new life to obsolete spaces," explain the Milan-based company.

Entirely customised images

Thanks to a constant artistic and technical exploration, which leads to a skilful use of materials and the best printing techniques, WallPepper®/Group offers a vast range of proposals: in addition to the hundreds of graphics in the catalogue, customisable in colour, it is possible to create entirely customised images, to meet the decorative requirements of a project. The wallpapers are produced exclusively to measure, adapting each subject to the dimensions of the wall to be dressed, and can be printed on all WallPepper®/Group materials, for indoor and outdoor applications, for spaces subject to humidity, for environments that require decorative supports with soundproofing and sound-absorbing characteristics, or places that need antibacterial solutions.

A personalised service

To exalt the freedom of design of architects and interior designers, WallPepper®/Group offers a customised service through a technical and graphic staff supporting the customer at every stage of the work, from the conception of the project to the suggestion of the most suitable material, passing through digital settings to customised cutting previews, to production, which is carried out entirely within the Milan headquarters.

Attention to sustainability

The focus on sustainability in the production processes is conspicuous. WallPepper®/Group wallpapers are top-quality wallcoverings made from natural, eco-friendly, PVC-free and certified materials, not only to meet any design requirement, but to achieve an ideal balance between different living needs and the need to reduce one's ecological footprint. The photo lab, dealing with Fine-Art printing since its inception, has always excluded solvent printing and vinyl materials to use only water-based inks and cotton papers.

Respect for the environment

The company has also always paid the utmost attention to how the chemicals used in the analogue printing process are disposed of, with the relevant loading and unloading registers. Of particular importance was the recovery of silver from the films in full compliance with all regulations, with particular attention paid to the air quality in the work spaces, aspects that have allowed the company to develop a growing awareness of environmental issues. "Attention and respect for the environment thus became part of the logic of all productions, even when we decided to start printing wallpapers for large decorative images using sustainable and certified materials," Diego Locatelli explains.