In CastelBrando, in one of the largest and oldest castles in Europe, the wellness center has been redeveloped with customized solutions perfectly integrated into the historical context

Glass 1989, now synonymous with excellent "made in Italy" wellness, it strengthens its presence in the professional spa sector by participating as a protagonist in the new restoration and redevelopment project of the CastelBrando wellness center in Cison di Valmarino (TV).

The new Princess Spa & Royal Wellness, the flagship of the imposing castle of medieval origins, has been restored on a site where ancient Roman Baths once stood, and extends over an area of approximately 2,000 square meters with new external gardens spaces.

Here the ancient Roman baths merge with the most modern wellness technologies designed by Glass 1989.

A real challenge for the company which has delivered to the structure customized solutions perfectly integrated into the historical context. The new wellness center has thus been enriched by three new Infinity 260/240 infinity mini-pools in a special version with a continuous filtering system and automatic analysis of the water parameters, which can be constantly verified and controlled by the hotel.

The sauna area, also created ad hoc, includes three saunas with different functions: a traditional Finnish sauna with temperatures rising to 90°, a biosauna< /strong> suitable for those who need less high temperatures and finally a sauna with chaise longue with infrared lamps for those who really cannot tolerate a substantial variation in temperature, but still want to benefit from the experience.

All Glass 1989 saunas, designed specifically for this particular context, manage to embellish the spaces thanks to the use of fine finishes, such as hemlock and heat-treated toulipier.

The Castelbrando proposal is completed by a Private Spa where Glass 1989 has created a tailor-made space with a sauna + hammam shower and inserted MawiSpa: an indoor spa particularly suitable for a space lived in intimacy .

Cover photo: Infinity by Glass 1989 recessed positioned outside.