The novelties of Piero Lissoni's classic, born 20 years ago and still a symbol of innovation, technology and extreme functionality

Twenty years ago, the Case 5.0 model designed for Boffi, in a period of great evolution from a technological point of view and new consumer needs.

For this reason, the new Case 5.0 version arrives to celebrate the anniversary, which has led to a review of the shapes, by the designer himself, as well as new functional and aesthetic implementations.

A door with a folding effect

Among these, for example, the possibility of having the door made specifically for Case 5.0 in 6 mm thick glass with a folding effect, in which the glass covers the structure of the door itself and the head of the handle, favoring material continuity.

An elegant and sophisticated solution that makes the kitchen environment unique and perfect for fitting harmoniously into the living room.

The chromatic variants of the reflective glass are four: coffee, grey, black and turtledove. Classic and timeless shades that adapt easily to any style of the house. These new finishes are joined by the new spatulated resin applicable on the doors in the Hydra, Columbia, Pegaso, Lyra, Andromeda color variants.

Case 5.0 is a kitchen system that encompasses innovation, technology and extreme functionality.

The peninsulas with sliding rail frame

An example of this is the implementation of the peninsulas which are equipped with a frame with sliding guides, mounted directly on the kitchen top, so as to allow three types of sliding: lateral, frontal, oblique.

This makes it possible to create cantilevered areas which are very useful for preparation and service operations.

The dimensions of Case 5.0 presuppose sinks of equal importance and capacity: therefore here are new configurations in stainless steel, or as an undertop in marble, MDi composite by Inalco and granite.

The potential of materials

The potential of the materials is molded into a single bowl with strainer, double bowl or 1-metre sink, in addition to the bowls already present in the Boffi offer. A model, Case 5.0, with a strong personality able to characterize the space.

And, thanks to the many variants available, it can be easily customized: to guarantee a unique and exclusive kitchen setting. Design, like the kitchen, is an ongoing process.

Case 5.0 was born from the fusion between the pleasure of cooking and the need for conviviality, which is combined with maximum functionality where each element is designed to perform its task to the fullest.