The world of Italian cuisine confirms the growth trend of 2022 for this year: with the top brands now leaders in the kitchen area for quality, research, sustainability and innovation

After the exploit of 2022 (+24% according to data from the FederlegnoArredo Study Center), the kitchen sector confirms a growth trend in 2023 both in the domestic market and in the international.

This marks an important recovery compared to the pandemic years and a +9.74% compared to 2019.

A notable growth in the sector, therefore, and, above all, a confirmation of the good health of Made in Italy: the great Italian brands are now leaders in the kitchen area for quality, research, sustainability and innovation.

The world of cooking offers systems that are increasingly performing and suitable for international markets, positioning themselves in a high-medium-high range and satisfying the needs of different countries: super-efficient but small-sized kitchens for markets such as 'Far East; generously sized, intended for extra large spaces, for the North American market; luxury for the Middle East and Central and South America.

In order to establish itself in consolidated markets and also in emerging ones, it operates in the search for new typologies: the trend of the kitchen that extends into the living area continues, the compact kitchens are strengthened both for the first homes and for real estate, with ever greater attention to finishes, from doors to sliding elements.

Sustainability is certainly a rewarding item for mature markets (EU, UK) that are increasingly sensitive to circular economy and end-of-life issues (particularly for household appliances).

And finally, a great deal of work is taking place in the field of innovation of materials: a real community of companies is being created (including many start-ups) that offer ecological or regenerated materials. Gilda Bojardi

Cover photo: For 2023, Cleaf has created a calendar dedicated to the twelve iconic places for an aperitif in Milan. Here, the illustration by Ray Oranges dedicated to Bar Basso and his Negroni Sbagliato, used for the month of June. In the art work, the Mosaico finish by Cleaf.