Elica's extractor hobs stand out for their high technology combined with a unique and exclusive design

Powerful and intuitive extraction systems which, thanks to their design, fit elegantly into any environment. This is the distinctive feature of Elica products, a company active on the market for over 50 years and global leader in kitchen extraction systems, able to characterize the space with their presence.

NikolaTesla Unplugged

An example of this are the hobs with integrated extraction system designed by Fabrizio Crisà. Like NikolaTesla Unplugged, which is aimed at those who love to experiment in the kitchen and those who want effortlessly surprising results, both in everyday life and on special occasions, leaving only the pleasure of making dishes delicious and healthy for the whole family.

Elica's new proposal is controlled via fixed-set knobs, with touch & analog feel, to access the functions quickly and intuitively.

The NikolaTesla Unplugged extractor hob: its powerful extractor system, positioned in the center of the hob, ensures high fume collection.

Linearity and ease of cleaning of the hob are guaranteed by the central glass flap, capable of concealing the extraction area and activating it only when necessary: thanks to the Autocapture function, the hood automatically sets the most suitable air extraction power, adjusting and gradually decreasing it to eliminate residual odors after cooking.

NikolaTesla Unplugged is equipped with three automatic cooking functions: Melting, thanks to which it is no longer necessary to mix the dishes to prevent the bottom of the pan from burning in the event of preparations delicate, Warming, which guarantees the right level of heat for slow cooking such as creams or sauces and which helps to keep ready-made dishes warm, and Simmering, which avoids leakage of water during boiling for more lively preparations.

In the event of accidental spillage of liquids into the suction compartment, Elica has thought of a convenient valve that allows them to be drained in total safety. All the elements are integrated in an look with a strong character, designed to intelligently separate the cooking area from the control area.

Another proposal from Elica is the NikolaTesla One HP, the induction hob with integrated extraction that balances a refined and contemporary aesthetic. Winner of the Compasso d'Oro award for the integration of functionality, beauty and innovation, it is designed with a completely invisible control interface when the product is off, which gives the hob an even more elegant look. NikolaTesla One HP is also equipped with three automatic cooking functions (Melting, Warming and Simmering); two Bridge zones and Autocapture function.


A sophisticated design that combines essential lines and cutting-edge materials distinguishes the Elica hoods that dress every living space with character. As in the Haiku hood: the first wall hood with adjustable depth, capable of guaranteeing perfect alignment with the wall units, combining essential lines and innovative technologies.

Haiku integrates with the linear style of the kitchen thanks to the innovative Shift 3238 system, which considerably simplifies installation and allows millimeter adjustment of the depth of the hood body (from 32 to 38cm).


Among the novelties, also the ceiling Illusion hood, which disappears into the ceiling for a suggestive effect of continuity. With an essential design and high performance, it is the perfect solution for those looking for a minimal, highly technological style.

It is possible to choose the Illusion model that best suits the style of the kitchen: stainless steel frame and customizable plasterboard panel with the same finish as the ceiling, or completely white or black with a soft touch effect.

The ceiling Illusion hood, equipped with the Dim Light function to modulate the intensity of the light; through the Tune White it is possible to adjust the color of the LEDs from cold light to warm light.

The hood releases an elegant atmosphere light, discretely concealing the light source, thanks to the integrated LED strips in the side extraction areas. All functions can be controlled with the Smart Remote Control.

Not only that, Illusion becomes part of the Elica Connect line, the range of intelligent hoods equipped with connectivity: using the Amazon Alexa voice assistant, it is possible to modulate suction and adjust the intensity of the light and through the Elica Connect App it is possible to interact with the product even remotely.

Illusion achieves very high suction flow rates (up to 790 m3/h) with low energy consumption (EEI A energy class). The sound level of 53 dB(A) at maximum speed is that of a quiet room where you can talk and cook without hearing any acoustic disturbance.