Brera, Zero and Quantum combine minimalist elegance with latest generation high-tech functions

Three latest generation hoods, by Falmec, integrate advanced extraction technologies an essential design, perfect for contemporary kitchens.

Brera hood by Falmec

An invisible technology characterizes the new Brera by Falmec, an extraction solution integrated into the hob, so essential in its form how extraordinary in its execution: the cooking zones and the motorized flap – which allows the extraction of fumes from the hood – come together to create a single uniform body, elegantly inserted into the kitchen top.

The Brera configuration is designed to take advantage of a large cooking surface, a versatile and uniform workspace characterized by a monochromatic ceramic glass, a meeting point between the cooking and extractor areas.

Formal cleanliness, quiet operation combined with energy efficiency (class A+++).

The suction area is simply defined by a thin slit, with rear glass flap, distinguished by a black steel frame with surface anti-scratch system - which opens automatically during operation to suck in vapors and cooking fumes, closing and thus conforming to the hob.

The result of Brera satisfies in both aesthetic and practical terms: the functional part, positioned in the rear part, allows you to make the most of the cabinet in height, while the uniformity of the surface guarantees extreme practicality in operations cooking and easy to clean.

Brera is equipped with a powerful brushless motor, quieter than traditional motors, touch slider control panel with display, 9 cooking levels + Booster and 4 zones with double bridge, for maximum versatility in the use of pots of different sizes.

The hood can count on new cooking functions such as Keep Warm, which allows you to maintain a constant heat to serve food at the right temperature, or Chef function, able to set different temperature levels for each cooking zone.

Finally, Brera is also available in the filtering version, which uses Carbon.Zeo filters, capable of effectively absorbing cooking odors and reducing residual humidity, thanks to the combination of carbon and zeolite. The filters can be easily inserted from above to facilitate maintenance and replacement.

Zero Hood by Falmec

Extraction and cooking also come together in the new Zero model, defined by an elegant interplay of geometries, with a clean design without reliefs, which integrates perfectly into the kitchen top. A solution with a sophisticated and functional allure: the central extraction part is characterized by a glass element that can be positioned according to the four cooking zones.

Zero is also available in the filtering Easy version, with built-in Carbon.Zeo filter and direct outlet at the rear, to offer maximum practicality in installation and maintenance.

Quantum hood by Falmec, Pro version

Finally Falmec presents the renewal of the model Quantum, in the Pro version with improved controls, thanks to the new touch slider, and cooking technology characterized by high performance in induction combined to new functions, such as automatic pan recognition, timer for each cooking zone and heat up function. Even the aesthetics are further embellished by a minimal "all black" serigraphy, in line with the latest aesthetic trends in the kitchen.

The Falmec Zero model is also available in the filtering Easy version, with a built-in Carbon.Zeo filter and direct outlet at the rear.

Quantum Pro is also available in the Easy version which offers maximum ease of installation and maintenance thanks to the Carbon.Zeo filter integrated into the hood body and the direct outlet at the rear.