Kitchens with a refined style, made with great attention to detail for indoors and outdoors: Modulnova presents Blade Lab and Block

The beauty expressed by natural materials, the elegance of the colors and the innovation of the system define the visual order of the new Blade Lab program (cover photo) by Modulnova Cucine designed by Carlo Presotto and Andrea Bassanello.

The central element of the system is the island Blade Lab in Piasentina flamed stone: a monolith embellished with ribbed workmanship, which gives it dynamism and elegance, and enhanced, in its materiality, by a light integrated into the block.

The program is completed by a series of Blade Laccato Metal Ivory floor-to-ceiling columns that outline the environment by integrating into the volumes of the architectural space. To the right of the island stands out a large cellar protected by a glass wall with a pivot door, completed with a refrigerated wine display case that can be customized in size, depth and back.

The latter can be made in the same finish as the island to emphasize the harmony that defines the entire project. To complete the space, the new Solid interwall system with vertical slats in gray walnut, present behind the island and inside the cellar, which provides linear solutions for the internal organization of the rooms . It can be used as a decorative element, as a functional element, for dividing rooms, or as a wall that can be equipped.

The refined style and attention to detail of Modulnova can also be found in its outdoor proposals.

As in the Block system with three Gold Brown stoneware slats, equipped with a sink for washing, a folding mixer and a cooking block, whose surfaces refer, in the tones and marked materiality, to the effect natural stone, to recall the landscape in which it is inserted. For 360° In and Outdoor elegance.

A true sculpture with a minimal design, the Block system is made up of sartorial elements and fine finishes which in this case translate into the encounter between solid Ash wood heat treated and a stainless steel structure with a black epoxy finish.

The cooking block is completed by the Mate countertop hob, suitable for outdoor solutions because it is resistant to atmospheric agents, humidity and saltiness. This technical equipment can also be customised: in fact, the Mate freestanding electric or gas hobs in AISI 316 steel are easily removable, interchangeable and positionable with the utmost freedom.

Cover photo: The environment is outlined by the Blade Lacquered Metal Ivory floor-to-ceiling columns and is completed by a large wine cellar.