Equipment with strong references to the artistic productions of the past, translated and reinterpreted through color and skilful creativity

Color and design come together to revive the table in the new proposals by Mario Luca Righteous.

Like the collection of Pancale plates, a tribute to decoratorism, characterized by fascinating floral-themed inlays that take up, reinterpreting it in an ironic key, the beauty of the scagliola of the ancient decorators and stonemasons .

And they introduce unexpected and highly innovative materials such as Synthetic Crystal, which perfectly simulates the beauty of hand-carved crystal, or melamine, which restores the shine of the finest porcelain.

The references to the artistic productions of the past, translated and reinterpreted through the color and skilful creativity of Mario Luca Giusti, therefore meet highly innovative materials that guarantee lightness and practicality of use.

Rounded lines and a high-impact raised bubble effect characterize the Sister pitcher Rosetta, a tribute to the great black guitarist who invented rock 'n'roll, whose inspiration comes from the Florentine designer's passion for music.

Made of a resistant and practical synthetic crystal, this new line of jugs brings originality and elegance to the table.

And to make the tea ritual even more special, Mario Luca Giusti presents his first collection of Villa Fasola cups, whose name evokes the designer's family home where everyone together they loved to meet in the afternoon for a break.

Made of melamine, the line reinterprets a traditional ritual with creativity, proposing brilliant and original shades.

Among the accessories for the design table there is Melissa which takes up the shape of a pineapple giving it a modern look and a dual function: it can be used as a practical ice bucket to keep cool bottles as cutlery holder.

Cover photo: The Pancale plate collection: with ironic floral-themed inlays made of unexpected materials such as Synthetic Crystal or melamine.