Franke's new range of air treatment products guarantees total well-being in every home

A new way of breathing clean, sanitized and odorless air in the kitchen thanks to the Mythos Air Hub line by Franke.

Distinguished by a essential design that is combined with innovative technology, the new range of Franke air treatment products guarantees total well-being in every home . Mythos Air Hub is in fact much more than a simple traditional hood.

The product eliminates not only cooking vapors and odors, but also pollutants and eliminates up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, thanks to two separate air flows and two UV-C lamps which make the air clean, hygienic and odorless in the home and, as they do not produce ozone, are safe and effective, as confirmed by the laboratory analyzes of the University of Siena.

Then, thanks to three different suction modes, it is possible to find the best option for every need.

The Mythos Air Hub features a manual setting by which it can be turned on and off when needed, or it can turn off automatically after 24 hours.

The intensive mode works with a maximum sanitizing speed in the shortest possible time, while the Night option, which turns on automatically every evening, provides for a longer cycle with the minimum noise level.

The Mythos Air Hub range includes three design options (Vertical, T-Shape and Ceiling) that easily adapt to any kitchen according to the style of the environment.

Mythos Air Hub is also characterized by its great practicity and ease of use: all functions are easily accessible through the elegant and intuitive touch screen interface located in the Vertical model and T-Shape, on the front panel of the product. In the case of the Ceiling model, however, an elegant and easy-to-use remote control allows complete control of all functions.

Opening photo: Franke's Mythos Air Hub Vertical hood, Black Glass color