The project, art direction by Andrea Federici, comes to life from the combination of two simple volumes and also includes the living area

Giving continuity to the different rooms of the house, maintaining harmony between the spaces: this is the objective of the new Origina system by Febal Casa which presents new compositions and finishes suitable for creating a kitchen environment, the home's hub dedicated to conviviality, which can become an extension of the living room .

The project, art direction by Andrea Federici, comes to life from the combination of two simple volumes, connected by a snack counter that connects them and establishes a dialogue between the different activities. The third volume instead hides equipment and appliances.

This is why Origina presents numerous flexible solutions that allow you to create customized kitchens according to the different needs of each family and the space available.

There are many types of doors proposed, including an unprecedented version with a glass door and an extremely contemporary aluminum frame. For the creation of a tailor made kitchen, Origina also offers a vast modularity of the individual elements that compose it as well as the possibility of choosing from numerous textures and colors that allow you to create environments with a unique atmosphere.

The design of the Origina system stands out for its geometric and essential lines with the possibility of designing compact volumes, with an elegant appearance, which conceal a series of technical equipment such as a refrigerator, oven, storage and pull-out worktops that reveal themselves only by opening an innovative system of retractable doors.

Febal Casa thus confirms its mission to meet new contemporary needs, offering design solutions linked to the idea of a home understood as an open space, in which environments can interact and integrate with each other in natural way.

“What distinguishes a kitchen from an authentic kitchen is the ability to welcomeand, at the same time, express the personality and lifestyle of those who experience that kitchen every day” . From this reflection by Andrea Federici comes the wooden framed door of the Origina collection by Febal Casa, which reinterprets the characteristics of American-style kitchens, where multifunctionality, conviviality and sharing are very important aspects.

The concept revolves around a main element: the framed door capable of reflecting light and giving depth, a symbol of a transitional style that mixes elegant retro motifs with modern details and functional, such as the matt lacquered finishes and the groove openings, the bridge handles and knobs with an industrial flavour.

The kitchen becomes a fluid form, punctuated by continuous references to the most essential contemporary, capable of representing the heart and soul of the home.

Each composition is designed to exalt and dialogue from time to time with the space that inspired it, be it a classic, modern or metropolitan design setting. Compositions suitable for both a national and international market, with a unique and exclusive style, which interpret the needs of a sophisticated public that seeks refinement as well as comfort.