A revolutionary home chef with a compact design that fries with minimal fat

For quick preparations with very little fat, Philips Airfryer Premium XXL, a practical and revolutionary home chef that combines high performance and compact design to offer healthy cooking by significantly reducing the amount of fat.

Its main feature is its versatility: it guarantees lighter frying, heats ready-made dishes, but also allows for extraordinary cooking on the grill and in the oven, such as cooking a whole chicken.

Extremely capacious - it cooks up to six portions with the large basket of 7.3 liters - and compact at the same time to adapt to the sizes of modern kitchens, Airfryer Premium XXL is in able to quickly prepare tasty dishes for the whole family or friends: appetizers, meat and fish main courses, side dishes, grilled vegetables and even sweets and desserts.

And in the case of more frequent recipes, such as fries, fish and chicken, the Smart Sensing intelligent technology intervenes which, thanks to a single touch, allows you to cook the dishes by automatically adjusting the time and temperature.

Airfryer Premium XXL cooks 1.5 times faster than an oven, significantly reducing the time needed to prepare meals. Then, through the 'Save Favourite' function, for the usual dishes, the Airfryer Premium XXL will cook the dishes having already in memory the temperature and cooking time.

Attention to health is guaranteed by the Fat Removal technology which separates and captures excess fat, without compromising the quality and taste of the dishes. And to find new specialties to cook, just download the free Philips NutriU app with over 500 recipes that can be made with the Airfryer.

Philips Airfryer Premium XXL is extremely practical and safe. Shutdown is automatic and its components are all removable and dishwasher safe.

It is also equipped with the RapidAir Air system, with the exclusive 'starfish' design of the basket, which distributes the hot air to prepare dishes and fries that remain crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, with little or even zero oil added.