All the 2023 novelties of a customizable and totally made-to-measure collection

Prime cuisine by Molteni & C, designed by the R&D Dada Engineered department, is enriched by Vionaro drawers, wider and more capacious, making the composition even more precious and functional. They are characterized by the exclusive Vionaro movement, with patented anodized aluminum side, which guarantees the exceptional performance of the drawers.

Prime was created to fully express the potential of a kitchen characterized by the opening with a groove that follows the profile of the product without interruptions and ends on the side panels, an alternative solution to the finished sides, to leave maximum freedom for customization .

The internal design and production then allow the creation of made-to-measure kitchens.

The new Dine snack table draws inspiration from the Ratio snack table, to be used across all types of kitchens.

New from the 2023 collection is the new base that supports the top, with a more generous thickness, which reaches 6.2 cm, giving it a more pronounced personality and identity .

The snack element, in essence, forms a pleasant linear profile that gives rationality to the layout of the kitchen. The 2023 collection offers new finishes such as the Pine Green and Almond White shades, or the exclusive new 3D lacquered effect, the result of experimentation by the Dada Engineered R&D department, which , thanks to a stratification process of a particular thermoformed resin inside a special mould, gives a wavy effect to the doors, for an even more precious dynamism.

The 3D effect is also introduced in the glass finish in the new acid-etched bronze colour. The stopsol glass, already available in the collection, includes the new bronze and silver effects. To complete the range of new accessories, the Log handle by Vincent Van Duysen. A modern and linear design, applicable transversally to all the columns of the Molteni&C range.

In the evolution of the Prime kitchen by Molteni&C, the Stripe base units expand their versatility of use with the new possibility of being inserted also in the 82.8 cm base units. The new modularity, which makes this base particularly precious, more flexible and adaptable to different situations, allows you to play with the details even more
more free.

Cover photo: Prime in Almond White lacquered 3D finish; Kitchen Box open base units; Thermo Oak snack table (Paul sofa, design Vincent Van Duysen).