All Quooker taps are able to dispense boiling water at 100°C and chilled water, still or sparkling, always filtered

The Quooker system is an appliance capable of instantaneously dispensing boiling water at 100°C and also filtered and chilled still or sparkling. All from a single tap that comes in many shapes and colors to suit your style.

It is thus possible to cook a plate of pasta quickly eliminating the waiting times to bring the water in the pot to the boil, or prepare a delicious salmon fillet in a few moments simply by searing it under the tap together with the vegetables .

Would you like an herbal tea? It's ready in an instant thanks to instantaneous, filtered boiling water.

The Quooker system brings well-being to the kitchen: the filtered water, cold or at room temperature, still or sparkling, dispensed directly by the Quoker system will finally make the use of plastic bottles superfluous, while you can enjoy them immediately a jug of lemonade or devise a new healthy aperitif.

Quooker is the inventor of the boiling water dispensing system and with over 50 years of experience and more than 80 patents it is the world's largest manufacturer of this type of product.

The Quooker system consists of a smart tap and a tank (3 l or 7 l), generally placed under the sink, which allows you to keep the water at a constant temperature of 108°C with an average daily energy consumption of only 10 W, less than the home Wi-Fi router.

Practicality and convenience: Quooker will allow you to save time and energy, for example by reducing the openings of the refrigerator door to get a drink or the time you use the hob, microwave or kettle.

This means an important saving energy. And washing a dish isn't a problem: the Quooker also works like a normal tap but with the added advantage of immediately dispensing even hot, not boiling water, avoiding unnecessary waiting and above all making thus saving more than 4,000 liters of water in just one year.

And it guarantees maximum safety in the kitchen as it cannot tip over, unlike a pot or kettle; moreover, its activation takes place only through a safety ring, making the tool safer for managing boiling water inside the house. The use of a Quooker turns out to be so convenient, comfortable and respectful of the environment: to give your kitchen a sustainable twist.

Cover photo: Flex by Quooker, the world's first boiling water tap with pull-out spray.