A system with numerous customization possibilities, simple and functional, capable of giving free rein to everyone's creativity

A meeting between Euromobil and Marc Sadler, who had created the kitchen Sei in 2018. A model that has become iconic which in its name contains the concept of its compositional possibilities, characterized by the constant of the number six: "You are like six millimeters, or the thickness of tops, sides, shelves, accessories...”.

A system with many customization possibilities, simple and functional, capable of giving free rein to everyone's creativity.

Today the project is being expanded, without losing its intrinsic value and characteristics, but acquiring a renewed modularity, capable of enhancing its features. Thus new finishes and new colors are proposed to meet every need.

In particular, Sei comes with four new categories of materials, such as the embossed lacquered matt, the innovative and exclusive lacquered anodized, the sandblasted Chestnut wood and the exclusive new quartzite natural stone Palladium Arte matt finish; as well as with the update of the existing Fenix finishes.

The available colors then increase, with 25 new finishes ranging from powder pink to light blue.

But Sei's evolution doesn't stop there: new modules and accessory elements, such as the new heights of wall units and tall units and the brand new roto snack top translating, make the possibilities compositional options, malleable on any type of space. Among the constants that remain unchanged, for example, Copacabana granite, Ocean Storm marble and all the containment systems, such as Sipario, Quinte, Madia and Gap.

And to tell its potential, Euromobil presented a project involving the kitchen You are in a story that links narration and illustration: the journalist Giorgio Terruzzi has written six stories in which exalted some of the most significant and most innovative features of the kitchen, which is thus transformed into a perfect co-protagonist without appearing too intrusive, thanks to the alternation of always different characters and plots.

Stories visually represented by Victoria Krylov, illustrator of The New Yorker, among other magazines . So you are part of a journey that takes you from Venice to Copacabana, from Paris to New York, changing your face and adapting to any environment. But always maintaining its own uniqueness.

Foto di copertina: La nuova cucina Sei di Euromobil, design Marc Sadler. A parete, basi e pensili in Castagno sabbiato finitura dark, piano top e cassetto frontale in acciaio inox invecchiato, Quinte di alluminio anodizzato nero e schiena in Laccato anodizzato Pink.