An undercounter convertible refrigerator and a refined wine cabinet: the Signature Kitchen Suite solutions are flexible and versatile.

Think outside the box to propose innovative, flexible and versatile solutions. Thus Signature Kitchen Suite expands its range with the undercounter convertible refrigerator made up of two drawers, one of which is a refrigerator and one convertible.

The latter can be set, as needed and independently, with six temperature modes, going from a minimum of -23°C to a maximum of +10°C: Pantry (10 °C), Refrigerator (from 1°C to 6°C), Bar (from 0°C to 1°C), Fish (-1°C), Meat (-2°C), Freezer (from -21° C to -15°C).

The interiors are in stainless steel, to guarantee a perfect aesthetic result combined with functionality. The Inverter Linear Compressor is particularly silent (34.6 dB) and offers energy savings of 60% compared to traditional motors.

Another innovative proposal is represented by the built-in under-counter wine cellar which offers, in a contained space, the highest quality in terms of design, materials and technology.

With a capacity of 41 bottles, it includes two separately adjustable zones for temperature and humidity, each with a dedicated evaporator and stainless steel dividing barrier. It is also equipped with a door with triple darkened anti-UV glass and opening managed by a sensor.

To complete the product, Signature Kitchen Suite presents Skins Wine Cabin, a refined design cabinet designed by the m2atelier studio and conceived as an enveloping and precious second skin for the under-counter wine cellar.

It is presented as a highly decorative piece of furniture characterized by an interesting combination of materials with material and chromatic effects.

Inside, in addition to housing the under-counter wine cellar, it has a 'vanity' area for storing wine and champagne glasses and corks, corkscrews and bottle openers, carafes and decanters.

Cover photo: SKINS Wine Cabin by m2atelier is designed to contain, in the lower part, the under-counter wine cellar of the Signature Kitchen Suite and, in the upper part, the glasses and accessories for wine. The central rotating base, in burnished brass, supports a customizable structure with different finishes, from wood to leather, which wraps around a micro-ribbed glass.