For its kitchens, Primopiano draws its inspiration from the Kitchen by You philosophy, in which each project becomes a way of describing itself with a sartorial approach

A kitchen that can tell your story and your personality: not just a physical space, but a personalized place in a unique and special way, which becomes the perfect environment to express your emotions, with attention to every detail following the wishes of those who he will inhabit it.

This is why Primopiano is inspired, for its kitchens, by the philosophy of Kitchen by You, in which each project becomes an expression of oneself, of one's way of being and of telling oneself with a tailored approach.

The concept of customization therefore goes beyond the simple choice of materials and colours, it is a holistic approach that embraces every aspect of the kitchen, from the arrangement of the elements to the most refined details.

Every single element is treated with attention, reflecting one's aesthetic taste and above all one's personality.

The Kitchen by You translates into a unique design and construction experience, in which the person is the real protagonist.

The kitchen becomes a place of inspiration and sharing, where you can express your passions and create unforgettable moments with the people you love.

Customized projects

Fulfill your dream of having a personalized kitchen, one of a kind, by contacting the manufacturer. All this is possible with Primopiano Cucine, which accompanies its customers directly during all phases of design up to installation, to create a tailor-made environment.

Primopiano Cucine has organized its production according to the principles of industry 4.0, outlining an innovative path projected into the future thanks to total control of information from and to the machines.

Each Primopiano kitchen is the result of a made-to-measure project characterized by a sartorial approach that blends technological innovation and dexterity artisan. A possible synergy thanks to the complete control over the entire production chain.

Designers, engineers and technicians create cutting-edge products, collaborating directly with customers in the showrooms of Padua, Brescia and Milan.

The production structure is currently divided into four units which include the management centre, the goods warehouses, the company showrooms and the areas dedicated to production, for a total area of approximately 18,000 m2.

In this way, the Padua-based company has continuously managed to intelligently rationalize resources by increasingly responding to the needs of its customers. Another cornerstone of the company is the production 'batch 1', totally custom made, where each component and element of the product is made on customer request starting from the raw material.

Continuous innovation leads the Primopiano R&D team to create highly durable products for a conception of absolute quality.

Maximum attention is also paid to environmental sustainability thanks to the short supply chain which allows for the development of the concept of 'zero km cuisine' and making the entire production process green and totally Made in Italy.