A product, SensoWash D-Neo, which guarantees excellent performance combined with a competitive price. Created for the contract sector, it also represents an excellent alternative for the residential sector

As an addition to theD-Neoseries, Duravit presents SensoWashD-Neo: a toilet with a compact electronic seat in which the entire technology is integrated into the ceramic.

The flat seat and the white cover behind it form a coplanar unit which makes its aesthetics minimal: this is why it integrates discreetly into any room and matches perfectly with all the Duravit design series.

It is particularly suitable for the contract sector thanks to its competitive price which still ensures high performance.

Starting from the pleasant comfort obtained thanks to some technical improvements: from the different setting options for the three types of shower to the heating of the seat. It is also equipped with a night light to ensure safety even when going to the bathroom at night.

It is made with particularly hygienic materials such as stainless steel, with antimicrobial properties, for the shower spout which, positioned above the ceramic basin of the pot, together with automatic cleaning before and after each use minimizes the transmission of germs and bacteria.

Finally, Rimless technology allows an innovative and efficient flow of water for a dynamic and powerful jet that cleans the entire internal surface of the vase. SensoWash D-Neo is coated with the effective antibacterial ceramic enamel HygieneGlaze. To guarantee optimal hygiene.

Cover photo: SensoWash D-Neo by Duravit is a compact electronic seat toilet in which the entire technology has been integrated into the ceramic