A new exhibition space for a renewed visitor experience

There are several ways a company can promote itself and its products, host visitors and inspire planners, architects and designers. Today, a company in the Third Millennium can no longer rely on static and conservative models. On the contrary, it must develop opportunities for confrontation, relationships, and experiences that build customer loyalty, leading them, through new visiting experiences, to identify with the company's values and make their own contribution to enrich them.

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This is the road taken by Atlas Concorde, which inaugurated Atlas Concorde Park Studio, a new exhibition space designed to bring to life the essence and values of a company that, for over 50 years, has been a reference point in the ceramic tile industry for those seeking excellence in terms of performance, quality and beauty.

Sharing values

"Atlas Concorde is much more than its products. Atlas Concorde is a promise of values," explains Efrem Grasselli, Marketing Director. "This new exhibition space authentically expresses our vision that places the needs of our customers, designers and partners around the world at the centre through a unique experience that combines the ability to respond to increasingly demanding market needs in a hospitable and inspiring context."

Heart of the company headquarter

Atlas Concorde Park Studio is located inside the headquarters of Fiorano Modenese, a multifunctional location that houses the production plants and the latest generation automated warehouse, on the edge of a four-hectare secular park, equipped with state-of-the-art functional facilities.

Promotion, hospitality, inspiration

A place that harmoniously mixes promotion, hospitality and inspiration, Atlas Concorde Park Studio was created to offer a close experience of the wide range of products, providing unique solutions tailored to the visitor's needs: over 3,000 square metres tell the story of both Atlas Concorde and the Atlas Plan brands, specialised in large slabs for kitchen tops and furnishing surfaces, and Atlas Concorde Habitat, a project dedicated to porcelain stoneware furnishing elements whose portfolio includes tables, coffee tables, washbasins and mastertops.

Respecting the genius loci

Designed by Atlas Concorde's architectural design team in collaboration with MPArchitects and Studio Ferriani, the new space gives new life to an industrial area, transforming its vocation. The exterior preserves the skyline of the existing building, in coherence with the site, and, through large glass surfaces that create a scenic and visual perspective on the adjacent park, is charged with luminosity.

Vertical development in the interior

The interior features a vertical development, thanks to which visitors can enjoy a unique perspective on the large ceramic slabs, integrated with the Atlas Concorde product system. Finally, an outdoor space dematerialises the boundary between inside and outside and, in addition to completing the integration with the existing context, represents a place of wellbeing for visitors.

An ad hoc setting

The exhibition project places at the centre of a scenographic architectural context the wide range of ceramic tile collections, presented through a set-up conceived to enhance their peculiarities: a series of settings designed to inspire visitors through a design proposal capable of bringing out the potential of the Atlas Concorde range. The look and feel of the project defines an elegant and refined environment whose selected materials recall naturalness and warmth, characterised by a colour palette of warm grey shades.

A soft-tech space

To enable visitors to experience the company's reality and values through the opportunities offered by interaction design, the space will also be soft-tech, a project developed in cooperation with innovation partner Dotdotdot.