The VIP Lounge of Saratov Gagarin Airport in Russia: a project inspired by the wonder of the cosmos

Designed by the Asadov architecture firm, the new Gagarin international airport in the city of Saratov in Russia, is named after Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin, the first man in history to travel into space. With a total area of ​​over 23,000 square meters, the new airport includes a Vip Lounge, created by the Vox Architects studio that chose Hi-Macs for this project.

Hi-Macs, in the Alpine White finish, was used for both the dining area and the lounge shopping area. Thanks to its thermoforming properties, it adapts to the contemporary interior of the airport, becoming the spearhead of the project. Suitable for spaces designed for the community and with a high turnout of people, this Solid Surface is one of the most used materials for public projects. Hi-Macs has no visible joints, is non-porous and resistant to scratches and stains; it can also take on any shape, creating ambitious architectures that can withstand the wear and tear of time.

The client asked the designers to create a contemporary Vip Lounge with all the necessary comforts for guests and to distribute the spaces according to strict international standards. Boris Voskoboynikov, architect of Vox Architects, was in charge of the interior design of the lounge that respects the theme of the wonder of the cosmos and the first expedition into space. “The theme inspired by space is evident everywhere, from the capsules that furnish the rooms to references to Gagarin, such as the quotes or the face of the cosmonaut himself reproduced on one of the walls of the lounge. The architecture as a whole conveys a sense of infinity and modernity. Space is an infinite keeper of enigmas and imbued with brilliant rays of light, emblems of a set of scientific achievements and human skills ”.

The lounge, which from the entrance looks like an invitation to an interstellar journey, is spread over two levels, connected by a glass-walled hall and a complex structure divided between a bar, a spiral staircase and an elevator. Thanks to the distribution on two floors, passengers can thus limit contacts. The reception is located on the ground floor with a sinuous Hi-Macs welcome desk positioned in front of a large white and blue wall, which symbolizes a group of clouds crossed by a rocket that bursts into space and heads towards the stratosphere.

The project also included several 'open' relax areas, such as the bar and restaurant (also made in Hi-Macs), some private lounges and a passage that leads directly to the boarding areas. Inside the common area, a huge capsule of space captures the attention of visitors. Inspired by the capsule that took Yuri Gagarin into space, and then brought him back to Earth in 1961, the structure is actually a game room designed for young travelers. Upstairs the spaces are more intimate and consist of individual semi-open hubs, offices and private lounges. The last stop among the stars is represented by a portrait of Yuri Gagarin in the conference room. Nearly 8,600 Hi-Macs slabs were used for the impressive 4x10m panel in an assembly of 14 pieces with no visible joints, each weighing about 200 kg. The cutting of the plates was carried out by computerized numerical control (CNC) programmed.

Photo credits: VIP Lounge by © Sergey Ananiev - Other areas: © Expromt