Design in trasparency for a residential villa in the hills near Bergamo

On the hill overlooking Trescore Balneario (Bergamo), in a panoramic position in the greenery, this residential villa stands out for its spatial-functional concept defined by evocative volumes and an inimitable range of colors and materials.

The residence stands out for its load-bearing skeleton in steel (built on a reinforced concrete platform) that extends into the void with daring overhangs in all directions. Outside, the structural cage is clad on one side with smooth fair-face concrete, and on the other by wooden flanks that convey a sense of lightness.

Thanks to the aluminium systems by Schüco, transparency, luminosity and big panoramic views are the building’s protagonists. Over the low volume of the garage set into the hillside, the main spaces develop starting from the entrance. Protected by a wooden roof with trapezoidal lines, the entrance leads to the living area, where a two-story space offers dual exposure to light, thanks to facades facing north and south.

Made with Schüco FW 60 systems in aluminium that effortlessly stand up to the sizeable weight of the extra-clear chamber glass, the large windows provide a spectacular view ranging from the street to the garden, the forest to the mountains, generating an osmotic work of architecture that fills the domestic spaces with the blue of the sky and the changing colors of the surrounding vegetation.

The living area is flanked by an open-plan kitchen and dining room, while the bedrooms and services are more secluded, though on the same floor. The upper level contains a large loft set up as a fitness space overlooking the living area, and a large outdoor terrace extending over the woods to the back.

In the whole house the relationship of indoor-outdoor continuity is facilitated by the Schüco ASS 70 HI (High Insulation) aluminium sliding doors, with slender borders and recessed thresholds. Easy to open on silent mechanisms in the floor and the continuous facades, these systems have been selected not only to make the sizes of the openings much larger, but also for their excellent insulating performance, sealing against air and water, and offering security against burglary.

The transparent enclosure is completed by the Schüco AWS 75 SI (Super Insulation) aluminium windows, whose special sections guarantee a tight seal against atmospheric agents and excellent insulation, improving comfort without the temperature changes typical of areas near glazing.

All the casements are finished in oxidized black with an elegant satin texture, in tune with the chiaroscuro nuances of the furnishings and design pieces.