The Norblin Factory is back active in Warsaw, authentically and perfectly incorporated into the contemporary urban context of the city. To enhance the spaces, the L&L Luce&Light lighting project

In Warsaw, there is a factory known by most as the Norblin Factoryand which by Polish citizens is known under the name of Fabryka Norblina: a a productive place, which has been back in vogue for a few months after almost a century of inactivity. The face is the same, the function has transformed.

Norblin Factory in Warsaw: why visit it

Norblin Factory is an industrial structure from the early nineteenth century, located in the heart of the western district of the city, the Wola district, which with its two hectares surface returns to dialogue with urban society in a commercial capacity, but always authentically faithful to the original aesthetics and architectural style.

urban regeneration project designed for Norblin Factory sees the practice of 'giving back' to the territory as its protagonist, through restitution to the urban society of a space – today as yesterday – devoted to the growth of social relations.

Dating back to the 18th century Fabryka Norblina, in fact, it was originally called 'Norblin Buch Brothers and T. Werner' and represented a place of production, a factory in which elements of plating and silver and in which over a thousand people were employed.

In the reinterpretation of the function and in the restructuring of the buildings, abandoned since the Second World War, the studio wanted to keep the floor plan unchanged. of the original structure, precisely out of absolute devotion to the primordial soul of the building, imagining however an urban complex where the blocks are interconnected by internal and external passages, in some cases covered, in others completely open, and squares.

Today Norblin Factory is made up of a set of multifunctional buildings that house offices, shops, restaurants and cafes, a cinema and a museum. The latter, in particular, is dedicated to the history of the factory: here, you can closely observe some of the original machinery of the Norblin Factory.

The museum space: the lights are by L&L Luce&Light

The DL studio is responsible for the lighting project of the museum space, which, with the collaboration of L&L Luce&Light wanted to pay homage to the nineteenth-century heart of the factory through a warm color palette contrasting with unexpected light effects. Here, the warm amber is dominant, interrupted only by a blue component light in strong contrast and useful for creating a pressing rhythm between the elements of industrial history displayed in the rooms.

To obtain this effect, Neva 6 linear profiles were used, with dynamic white LED color (amber, 4000K, 5000K) in four different lengths (from 316 mm to 1758 mm), installed via a bracket on the load-bearing structures of the part used as a museum to illuminate the large nineteenth-century machinery from above with a 24°x46° elliptical optic.

The profiles are equipped with honeycomb to ensure optimal visual comfort which contributes to the designers' objectives of creating a unique visiting experience and atmosphere for the Norblin Factory public.