The multifaceted and scenic headquarters of the Powerbarn bioenergy plant, a pole of electricity production from renewable sources in Russi, near Ravenna, designed by Giovanni Vaccarini Architetti studio

A significant project because, as the architect Vaccarini explains, "the fusion between the surrounding agricultural world and the industrial world, starting from the definition of its edges". The landscape design was in fact fundamental in the redefinition of the integration of the headquarters within the territory. Powerbarn extends by merging rural and industrial worlds, not only for the production of clean energy, but also for the environmental and landscape impact of the building.

The envelope of the main building creates a geometric contrast with the sweetness of the curves of the landscape and a material symbiosis with the plant element, writing a new language in which architecture, agricultural production and energy production find a common and shared syntax. A language capable of transcending the conventional distinction between the urban and rural environments, revealing their intrinsic link.

For the architecture of the headquarters, the designer has chosen to visually focus on a perceptual decomposition given by the scenographic envelope of the main complex that develops on a multifaceted surface, formed by a metal structure, on which the wooden texture in Angelim Amargoso di Déco, for about 8 thousand square meters. A cover inspired by the artistic experiences of Dazzle camouflage used during the First World War, which is distinguished by a series of lines and designs, here made with Déco staves, which interrupt and fit together defining a motif that confuses the observer in the distance and size of the object, concealing its geometric characteristics.

The Angelim Amargoso essence used for the Powerbarn headquarters is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, which certifies its origin from certified crops.

Photo: Stefano Tacchinardi