The recovery of a historic eighteenth-century building in Trapani has led to the meeting between art and tradition, contemporary hospitality and hospitality with an ancient heart

Like a tale of wonder that takes shape through a refined dissonance with the context,BW Premier Collection Palazzo Gatto Art Hotel & Spais a work that gives strength to the center of the city of Trapani, with a type of expressiveness that draws its essence from this land rich in history, tradition and beauty.

The harmony and knowledge of the territory are transfigured here with the aim of giving life to a multi-experiential structure: not only a hotel but also a place capable of creating strong emotions in the guest, precisely because past, present and future combine in an osmotic manner.

Oppositions and deliberate contradictions enhance the cuts and internal volumes, creating space-time short circuits. The interior design and lighting project was managed by the architect Simone Micheli, who managed to create contemporary environments in harmony with the ancient structure.

The furnishings are essential, fluid, Franciscan-esque and are available in soft shades: the cream color of the local stone, which covers the surfaces and sometimes the furnishings, and white details. In the rooms, the beds seem like light alcoves which, thanks to the lighting, give the visitor a feeling of warm welcome.

The stone that covers the floors of the rooms extends into the bathrooms, creating visual continuity. Here too the shades are natural, except for the sink which is colored with the colors that characterize the decorations in each room. A sophisticated game of references that continues on the floor in the corridors, where the protagonists become the ceramic discs hanging in the rooms, which are transformed into floor decorations.