In one of the most famous streets of Malta, the international studio DAAA Haus has created a project with a Bauhaus flavor that acts as the fulcrum for a part of the city

The studio, which is based in Milan, Malta, Ragusa and Mumbai, on the occasion of its 15th anniversary of activity, unveils its latest project, a 36-suite hotel, with a fitness centre, a cafeteria, a lounge bar bistro and two floors for office use, the firm's new headquarters in the city.

Just under a kilometer from the center of Msida and at the intersection between the university campus and Triq Dum Karm, an important city artery that connects to the port, Park Heights represents an urban landmark.

Under the building there is a lively skatepark that attracts tourists from all over the world and students who spend their time after lessons, evoking a contemporary Berlin landscape made of contaminations and Bauhaus spirit.

The building celebrates the spirit of the place.

The corner architecture captures attention for its black and white striped façade, an optical play that gives lightness to the volume and creates important chiaroscuro effects.

The interiors are characterized by clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic that conveys comfort.

Natural light floods the rooms through large openings, building a strong connection with the urban landscape.
Park Heights demonstrates the ability of the DAAA Haus Studio to systematize a strong architectural vision with an understanding of the genius loci.

The architectural language of the studio manifests itself from a taste for the exploration of different cultures, materials, technologies and strategies.
The design is functional, innovative, environmentally and economically sustainable.

Malta, with its ever-evolving architecture, confirms itself as a point of crossroads of cultures.