At Via Adige 11, the new location of Il Prisma is a place for design, knowledge and interdisciplinary contamination

What is the future of the human experience in architecture and design? The human-centred design culture focuses on creating environments and objects that improve the quality of human life and satisfy the needs (physical, emotional, cognitive and social) and desires of the people who inhabit or use them.

In architecture, this translates into the design of buildings that are functional, safe, sustainable, generate comfort and well-being, and are aesthetically pleasing. In design, the focus is on the creation of objects, elements and furnishings to improve everyday life. Il Prisma, an international architecture and design company with Italian DNA, designs spaces and experiences for human beings according to this philosophy. It recently inaugurated Il Prisma Live, a new Milan office at Via Adige 11.

Design Human Life

Prisma has offices in London, Milan, Rome and Lecce, and operates through three business units: Cityscape, Worksphere and Destination. The focus has always been on the way people live and the places they inhabit. Every change, to happen, needs a suitable space, and it is necessary to act in the area of convergence between people and organisations to design spaces full of life, work and involvement. Among the projects realised: the restyling of the Terrazza Martini, the Mondadori Duomo bookshop, LVMH Beauty Italia in Milan, the new headquarters of SDA Bocconi in Rome, the restyling of Assembly London for AXA IM Alts, the IBM headquarters in Segrate.

Sharing knowledge

"If the goal of many companies is to incentivise people to come back to work spaces, we started by asking ourselves: how can we create value from time spent together? The reasons why human beings come together are different for each organisation. In our case, the aspiration that unites us is the desire to share knowledge,' says Stefano Carone, founder and managing partner of Il Prisma.

Observatory and laboratory on the future

With its 1100 square metres of floor space, Il Prisma Live is much more than a physical space: it is an observatory on tomorrow and its possible impacts on the cities of the future; it is the place where new knowledge develops through contamination and experiences of mutual enrichment; it is the laboratory where spaces, materials and interactions are modelled in the most sustainable way possible, to make the future of living, learning and working truly human.

A place for sharing

"Prisma Live is a space designed for our teams and open to the outside world. It is a place for sharing and spreading culture. Here we collect the insights we observe in the world and process them to generate visions and inspirations that enrich our design thinking,' Carone continues. A dynamic and generative organism of shared culture, where knowledge, experience and communication animate the main environments.

Flexible and reconfigurable

The entrance is the first moment of dialogue with visitors: wall monitors of different sizes tell the Il Prisma manifesto and the schedule of all the events and content that will animate it throughout the year. The live area is the space of experience, completely flexible and reconfigurable to meet the needs of brainstorming, workshops, plenaries, cooking shows, small working groups and much more.a

Unparalleled creative process

Serendipity garden: the evergreen area in which to devote oneself to more informal and intimate moments of work, sharing and socialising. Living Matter Lab (LiMa Lab) is the creative and innovative workshop where Il Prisma's designers and strategists experiment with new materials and possible applications for projects. Artist Atelier is the part dedicated to the artist and his experiments, to contaminate the designers and be contaminated by them, thus generating an unparalleled creative process.

Photos by Carola Merello