The professional skills of the Veneto-based company arrive in South Korea at Cheonwon Palace in Cheongpyeong

A religious and tourist destination, Cheonwon Palace in Cheongpyeong, South Korea, aims to spread culture and education for global peace. It is an imposing, grandiose work, unique in its monumentality, achieved thanks to the skills and know-how of a pool of Italian companies that have deployed craftsmanship, knowledge of materials and their processing. Fila Solutions is one of them.

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Wide circular floors

Characterised by a 30-metre high spire, the palace, topped by five large domes, has its most important building development in the central building: three large circular floors (a central one 18 metres high and two lateral ones six metres in diameter) mark out the spaces. They depict bouquets of flowers: roses, forsythias, lilies, hibiscus, chrysanthemums.

Marbles and semi-precious stones

Made of marble, onyx and semi-precious stones, the floors of Cheonwon Palace are unique for the minuteness of the details and the nuances of petals and leaves. Fila Solutions was involved in the various stages of the treatment for almost five years (from 2018 to 2023): from the moment the materials were analysed to the completion of the work.

Pre-treatment in the quarry

Fila Solutions' professionalism was also called upon during the pre-execution stages of the project, at the quarry in Oman, for pre-treatment using PW10 protective, an environmentally friendly pre-laying anti-risalite solution that prevents contamination of pollutants from the substrate and allows the treated material to breathe. Subsequently, they underwent surface treatment with the use of the solvent-based MP90 hydro-oil-repellent protective coating.

Facade Protection

During the treatment phases on site, Fila Solutions reinforced the protection of the exterior façades of Cheonwon Palace (approximately 20,000 square metres) with the application of Hydrorep, a protective, water-repellent reinforcement treatment that protects against water and humidity. It also protects the joints and defends against the deteriorating action of atmospheric agents, without altering the aesthetics of the materials. It hinders the formation of moss and mould and has a high penetration capacity.

The outdoor landscape

Fila's solutions were also used for the outdoor landscape, of about 30 thousand square metres, made of Pocheon Granite (from the steps to the balconies), again using Hydrorep. This type of granite, mainly used for exteriors, is known for its thinning, versatility and ability to withstand extreme temperature changes.